Subtle & 
non invasive 


Popular with  all ages!



Shiatsu Therapy 



Imagine you get up after a treatment and walk away feeling

as though you had a massage - relaxed, calm, warm


you’ve addressed your health physically, 

energetically, emotionally and spiritually!

…too good to be true?  Give Shiatsu a try!


What’s in it for you?


It’s great for maintaining good health, managing the demands on the body from everyday life or treating and managing health issues.


Regular treatment is effective in addressing

- Stress, anxiety or depression

- Neck, shoulder or back pain

- Long term health problems

- Digestive or gyneacological issues…  to name a few.


Other benefits from Shiatsu include stimulation of circulation and the lymphatic system, strengthening of the whole body and general relaxation. 

It can improve RSI, fatigue, asthma, injuries, insomnia, pregnancy or fertility problems, hormonal issues, migraines, and irritable bowel conditions.


What to expect…


It’s just so easy! No need to undress, just wear comfortable clothes and after a short chat, relax onto the futon on the floor and experience the sensations!

Aurora will design the treatment according to your health and wellbeing needs. Apart from any necessary conversation during treatment, you can just ‘tune-out’ and rest your mind and body. Some find it quite a meditative experience.

Generally work is done on the whole body with some concentration on areas needing greater attention. Any request to avoid a certain part of your body will be respected. You need to feel comfortable and relaxed to get the most out of the treatment.

Bodywork shifts energies and the process of healing continues after the treatment. To support your continued healing, drink plenty of water and plan for relaxed activities after treatment or an early night.

How it works…


By releasing tension, removing blockages and moving energy and fluid in the body, Shiatsu aims to support it’s natural balance. Pressure or movement is used on specific meridians or points of the body to improve the flow of energy.


The word ‘Shiatsu’ literally translates as ‘finger pressure’. It is a Japanese developed system of health maintenance and is often supplemented with traditional chinese medicine techniques.


Allow yourself freedom to connect within & know the power of the inner guru

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