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Yoga Classes

Timetable & Location

NOTE: No classes available at present.

I am on Maternity Leave - expected return Term 4 2017




            Prevously Thursdays  @  5.45, in the Town Centre





            Previously Wednesdays  @  11 am in the Town Centre



Catering for all levels of ability. Suitable for beginners or those with some yoga experience. Practices are modified or alternatives given when necessary.

Wear comfortable clothes for ease of movement & relaxation.


Blokes Yoga: why not get a group of mates together - start one up!

Pre-natal: Ask how your needs can be accommodated in class.


Pricing & Payment, to June 2017

Investment         Amount changes according to number of weeks

                         eg. 10 weeks $160. Standard $16 per class.

5 class Card        $90  (to be used within the course)

Concession          Discount available 

10% Discount off your fee, if you have a friend sign up for too!


To Enroll


An enrollment form must be filled in at the first class. This allows classes to be designed specifically for those attending and to advise students of any changes to classes.

The form can be posted or emailed, for you to complete in advance.

Why a Private Class? 

Have a weekly private class for you, your kids or a group of people?

They are

tailored to your health needs

aimed at your goals;

taught where you want eghome, work.;

at a time that suits you;

for a length of time that suits.


Individualized Yoga Programs

It's the yoga version of personal training!!

Deepen your yoga journey with home classes designed to develop the right areas for you.


The specialized yoga program is created using an initial assessment and your goals; with a final assessment demonstrating achievements! Ongoing support is given throughout. Enquiries welcome.

Allow yourself freedom to connect within & know the power of the inner guru

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